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I’m using firstly times a backup tool, because the documentation of the Syncthing suggests to use a backup tool instead of Syncthing to store my files durable. I tried it with Duplicati now. It seems to work with the GUI very easy but not the way I imagined it would be.

I’m using Syncthing to sync my pictures, videos and documents between my Smartphone and my Windows 7 PC. I’ve a folder on my PC (FolderA), which should be backed up on an external HDD (FolderB). What I mean by backup is:

Copy the Files in FolderA to FolderB in this case:
– If a file on FolderA is deleted, don’t delete it on FolderB
– If a file on FolderB is deleted, don’t delete it on FolderA

Show everytime the stored files on FolderB (like in Windows Explorer?)

Is Duplicati the wrong tool for me or do I have to set it up other way as the standard konfiguration?

Or is Snything the wrong tool for me and I should use another or just configurate in other way? Thank you for your help in advance.

We can only provide support for syncthing, which syncs stuff between two different machines. I have no idea how duplicati works so I have no idea how you should configure it.

Probably :wink:

Why do you think that?

Thank you for your support. Maybe I asked in wrong way.

How can I configure syncthing to backup with duplicati?

I don’t know what duplicati is, so ask your syncthing questions.

Duplicati is a backup software. Syncthing is a synchronization software, it does not backup. If you have questions about how to set up Duplicati, please go to

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