Windows 7


I have a small group of machines with syncthing installed. It’s an heterogeneous collection, which includes Windows10, raspberry pi’s, several NAS from different manufacturers and -unfortunately- two Windows2008R2 servers.

Since all installations were self-updating, after the release of 1.27.2 (the one with upgraded go, ), I found the two W2K8 machines basically in a death loop constantly trying to start syncthing.exe (which crashes on startup).

As these two are not crucial and I didn’t have time to look at the issue, I simply uninstalled syncthing.

is there an “official” way of making it run on Windows7/2K8? Of course, I could just turn off auto-update and reinstall an older version, but I’m a bit scared by compatibility with the rest of the machines… Not that I’m aware of breaking changes in syncthing, but I thought it’s better to ask.

thanks in advance MH

An older version is your only option. Compatibility shouldn’t be an issue for the foreseeable future, though.

You can still compile the current version using Go 1.20, preferably with automatic upgrades disabled. It will work on Windows 7 forever.

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