Windows 10 User Folder Sync


dont know when its started. But my User Folder is throwing Permission Errors in the last time. Its was not the case in the Past. These Folders dont even exist.


does someone have an idea what the problem is ?

I suspect it’s junctions, which we recently started to treat specially. Can anyone with more windowsy knowledge please confirm? @xarx @Catfriend1

They do exist, but may be hidden by default, and have restricted access. If you want to keep synchronising your whole user folder, then the only solution right now is to add each of them to .stignore.

Or you can perhaps just leave them like that and ignore the errors :sweat_smile:. The other files will still synchronise as before.

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Yes those are junctions Windows creates by default, but they are flagged as system files which means they are pretty hidden to the user.

:smiley: my ignore file is a nightmare already.

But ok thx Guys. Looking in a future with sunshine, rainbows and syncthing that can handle windows :+1:

Yeah, I personally have 1 non-functional junction and 1 non-Unicode file which are listed under the “Failed Items”, but I just ignore the errors.

Yes, junctions that can be safely ignored as they are pointing to the other accessible and visible directories below the profile root. Funny thing is, one doesn’t have access using Windows Explorer to them. I wonder how the compatibility stuff Microsoft had in mind behind them works if the user application level cannot access the junction target data. :man_shrugging:


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