windows 10 install

on the github, there are 3 different versions for windows, amd64,arm,arm64

i am an intel based machine, so which one do i need? Im guessing the arm64? or do i get the synctrazor thing?

second, my ssd has been split into two drives. C: is for windows only, the other partition is for data only. How do i move the default location to the data drive? I will need to do this for my laptop anyway since i am getting a 128GB samsung mini usb drive


EDIT: I have downloaded and installed SyncTrayzor and it will not let me add a folder. if i click the button, it does nothing. There is no default folder created either. I checked the path it should be at and nothing there.

i am going to uninstall until further notice

I’d normally suggest using SyncTrayzor, but if that doesn’t work for you for some reason, then you may try to run just the bare Syncthing executable.

Please download the “64-bit (x86-64)” version from, then unpack it somewhere that doesn’t require administrative access (i.e. not Program Files; it could even be a folder on your desktop, e.g. %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\Syncthing), then just double click syncthing.exe to run it. A new command line window should pop up and the Web GUI should open in your default Web browser. You may want to bookmark or create a shortcut to it then, as you will need it for configuring or checking status of Syncthing from now on.

To start Syncthing automatically on boot and hide the command line window, please check I recommend the Task Scheduler method.

Also, you don’t really need to change the default location of the executable itself or the configuration and database which will be created in your %LOCALAPPDATA% folder on the system drive, as those normally don’t take much space. Just make sure that new folders which you add to Syncthing are located on the other drive and you should be fine.

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FINALLY got synchtrayzor to work on both desktop and laptop. I just restarted everything a second time and the add folder button worked.

I have been testing it all night and its exactly what im looking for. I have ordered a usb 128GB drive for the laptop as well as a 1TB ssd external for backups.

Is synchthing using any servers inbetween like hamachi vpn or zerotier? or is it a direct tunnel to my desktop?

Since i will be using a usb drive to write to, how do i prevent synchthing from constantly writting to the drive? or does it only write when there are new changes?

Do i need to worry about security? I set a GUI user and 20 digit password. Anything else?

thanks much

It connects directly whenever possible and also tries other methods if a direct connection can’t be achieved. I’d suggest to read up and specifically the discovery and relay servers sections if you want to know details about the inner workings.

It shouldn’t write anything there unless there’s actual synchronisation going on.

Not really. If you want to learn more, please check When it comes to the GUI specifically, you don’t even need to set up a password unless you want to open it for remote access. The GUI is limited to local access only by default.

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dang, that documentation helped alot. thanks for that.

the receive only mode for a folder is interesting. I was thinking of doing that for a backup, until i realized, if my files somehow become corrupt or i get ransom ware etc, i would hate to feed the receive only server poisoned files.

Just gonna do an auto backup once a week of the files

thanks for all the help

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