Win10 User folder names - Danish

Hi, I am testing Syncthing, to see if it would be useful for me. I ran into a problem which I have solved, but I would like to comment on it. This is a problem similar to the post by Zahn8auer from Jun’20.

I run Danish version of Windows 10 Home. (20H2) I tried to sync the \Users\nnn\Documents folder which is named “Dokumenter” in Danish.

When I set it up I ran into an error message “access denied”. I noted in Explorer that there are two folders named “Dokumenter”, this is because I show hidden files, the 2nd Dokumenter is a Junction, a Windows type of link. This confused me until I started the CMD.EXE command interpreter. Using DIR here you get the real names, and that is the name to use for setting up Syncthing.

The Getting started page is nice for installing Syncthing, but it would be lovely if there was a section about setting up sharing a folder.

It was not quite obvious for me that I should go through several tabs when setting up a folder sharing. It is partly mentioned in the Help item An Intro to the GUI.

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