Will Syncthing help me in this case? (copying large files)

Hi All, I have an Unix machine A with a few very large files I want to copy to another file system which is not accessible from A. the file system is accessible by Unix machines X, Y, and Z (via ssh, for example). What is the best way to copy these files, taking advantage of the X, Y, Z? Do I run syncthing on A, X, Y, Z and have A’s folder ID be used in X’s, Y’s, and Z’s syncthing as uni-directional sync. Will all 3 syncthing clients in X, Y, Z be pointing to the SAME file folder in the target NFS? Thanks!

If you just want to copy files, use ssh forwarding.

I can use rsync or scp, but I want to improve throughput time (assuming network bandwidth is not the limiting factor). I hope a peer-to-peer setup will help.

Depends on the speed of the links. I might not help much as hashing, db access and other things might be a bigger overhead. You might want to go for a plain simple torrent given it’s a one off.

Thanks for the info. One main question I have in mind is whether Syncthing support multiple clients (on different machines) sync-ing the same folder (on NFS). It’s like each clients is contributing to copying blocks of a large file in a shared NFS location. This is different from normal P2P usage, in which multiple clients are sync-ing their own copies of the file (the clients just share the blocks in a distributed fashion, but not writing to the same file at different block locations)

If the things sharing the NFS folder are all read only (“master” in our terminology) it should work fine, with the question about whether you’ll gain any performance or not as Audrius noted above.

You do not want multiple Syncthing installations writing to the same folder of NFS. They’ll stomp on each other and be generally unhappy.

Edit: Actually it won’t work fine, as they’ll all see the file change and see it as three difference versions of the file that need to be reconciled between themselves (the contents being the same, nonetheless), but they can’t be reconciled as they are all “master”. So probably it won’t work very well.

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