Will a "Master" folder still download new remote files?

I’ve got syncthing set up such that files are placed in a folder on a remote server, then downloaded to a PC in my home. I’ve set up the sync folder at home as a “Master” folder, so if I delete files in it, those files are also deleted on the server. However when the local folder is set as master, I no longer appear to download files from the remote folder.

How can I get file deletions to synchronize, but also allow my local folder to accept new files?

The normal sync behaviour is that everything is synced: new file, changed files and deletions.

If you set a folder to master, it will accept no changes from other nodes.

Just to clarify, are you saying that if I turn “master” folder off, my deletions will still propagate to my remote server? I had assumed that the remote file would re-download after a short period. Will be able to verify shortly myself.

Yes, with or without master folder activated, deleted files get deleted on the other nodes.

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To put it in simple terms, when master is enabled, it propagates changes it discovers locally (creations, deletions, etc), but does not accept any changes from others (creations, deletions, etc).

When some other node (non-master) makes a modification to a file, all other non-master nodes will accept the change, apart from the master, effectively making it out of sync (since it refuses to accept the change).

EDIT: It was supposed to be simple terms but turned out harder terms :wink:


Thanks. This is exactly what I needed to know :beers:

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