WiFi hotspot whitelist only

I use ST on several android devices and generally have them syncing over wifi.

They will also sync (or try) when these devices are connected to other hot-spots (cafe, bus, etc.) but this is not always desirable is it can slow things down for little use (I’m not bothered about syncing until I get home), and could infringe the hot-spots AUP.

I would like to set sync on wifi, with the option of adding a list of SSID that can be used (if the list is empty, use any). In my case the list would be home, work and a few known networks I use regularly, but I guess other peoples requirements might vary.

Could this be done in the Android apk?

AFAIK the Android App introduced the functionality to differentiate between “normal” Wifi and “paid”/“hot-spot” Wifi. So if you set the Wifi networks as Hot-Spots in the Android settings, Syncthing will not sync when connected to them.

I’m not aware of where this is in Android settings. Is it only in some versions of Android? I’m using a mix of 4.2, 4.4, and CM11 but don’t recall seeing a “hotspot” setting.

I would still rather be able to specify SSID to use rather than depend on a flag somewhere else in the system that appears to default to use any wifi I connect to

It’s in the default version of Android, so it should be there in CM11. Not sure how the other versions you are using are modified by the manufacturer.

The setting is in the menu of the wifi data usage screen, it is named limited networks or something like that.

Thank you. It wasn’t where I expected (where networks are configured), but as you said, on the data usage page, under “Network restrictions”, I have a “Metered Wi-Fi networks” page.

I shall have a walk around a few hotspots tomorrow and see what happens :smile:

Had a bit of a walk around the town center today hoping between wifi points and keeping half an eye on syncthing. This wasn’t a full on test as I was actually supposed to be doing other things so my causal observations may not be very accurate, but here goes.

Yes, with wifi only selected, syncthing doesn’t start when connecting to a wifi point that is a Metered network.

But, if it is running when you connect to a Metered network, it appears to continue. Today this was when I was connected to a new wifi point I hadn’t used before and so I hadn’t set as Metered last night, then connected to the next wifi along my route that was set as metered.

So, it sort of did what I wanted, but not well.

And, I would still rather be able to set the 4 or 5 SSID I do want to connect to, within the Android app rather than have to maintain a list within the Android settings, where the default appears to be allow rather than deny. Also, none of the wifi networks I used today are actually “Metered” specifically and I don’t necessarily want to use the system settings, which may affect other apps.

At the end of the day, it is better than nothing, but when a developer has nothing better to do and is at a loss for something to implement… please!

Have you made a feature request issue on github? It is where a developer with spare time might go looking for something to do.

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This is supported by the Syncthing Silk android client.