why only relay wan?

i am connected to syncthing “server” one is a laptop win10 on wifi and android pixel 7 pro. the win10 is connected TCP WAN download rate 1gig upload 9.91MiB android shows as connected as relay wan and extremely slow 230B down and 320B up.

both devices are on same wifi network that the syncthing"server" is connected to. is it possible to force android to connect as tcp wan? thanks

Is the firewall allowing connections?

hi. im not running a firewall on android. both my android and my win 10 laptop on same local network as my syncthing server. win 10 connect just fine

Please check whether your Windows 10 network is set to private or public (see https://support.microsoft.com/windows/make-a-wi-fi-network-public-or-private-in-windows-0460117d-8d3e-a7ac-f003-7a0da607448d). Windows won’t allow direct connections if it’s the latter.

thanks for the reply, the issue is that android is not connecting TCP WAN. the “sync” server is a running syncthing on debian. so, my windows 10 laptop connects fine as TCP WAN

but my android pixel 7 pro only connects to sync server as Relay Wan

Don’t we still have problems with local discovery on newer Android versions?
You will probably have to add the local IP of your server to the addresses of that device on your Android.

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