Why does the active users graph show a huge dip?

Is everyone abandoning ship?!


The thing is that we changed what data is reported back to the “mothership” in the v0.12 release. Per the “contract” we promised when a user agreed to send anonymous usage reports, anonymous usage reporting is disabled when we change what data is reported. This is because you didn’t agree to send whatever new data it is we want to send, you only agreed to send the data that we asked about previously. We do this to be transparent and not creepy.

The question should pop up again at some point, so I hope many or most users will turn on anonymous usage reporting again. But it’ll probably be a very serious dip that will slowly build up again to previous levels. This is the price we pay. :smiley:

(This is the page I’m talking about.)

On the plus side, it looks like over half of the v0.11 users have upgraded to v0.12 already! :fireworks: :dancer: :confetti_ball: