Why does syncthing never works for me

I’ve installed syncthing multiple times on my Ubuntu 20.04 server and MacBook. Each time it fails to sync. Why is it so difficult to get his to work? I’m frustrated and ready to look elsewhere.

Sorry we cannot help you at all unless you provide a clear description of what is not working, what you configured and what state is shown on either device you want to synchronize.

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I think such comments are helpful.

If everyone who uses such systems, e.g. Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc., had such problems, the forum would be full of them. You express yourself comparatively when a car has no gasoline and you would say, such a strange car, it doesn’t drive, it’s not for me. Then the next car wouldn’t be for you either.

Maybe read first


and then you can say what you did and what not and then we’ll see.

Just a guess, but because this is Ubuntu Server, it likely has the old version of Syncthing in the repository. If that is the case, then I would suggest to switch to the official releases from https://apt.syncthing.net.

Otherwise you will have to fiddle around with the configuration to allow the old versions to connect to the newer ones. This is a recent issue, and there have been quite a few topics on it opened in the forum during the last few weeks.

However, if that is not the case, and you have the newest version of Syncthing on both sides, then you should at least provide some screenshots and possibly logs from the two devices, so that others will be able to help.


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