Why does rename/move put file(s) in .stversions dir?


Renaming/moving files/folders/directories seems to work fine with the latest 0.11.5 release, but why are those file/folders/directories also put in the .stversions directory/folder? Yes it’s a change of location/name, so putting it there seems valid, but the file/folder remains the same. If I want to reorder my folder-structure/filenaming it means that I get everything double on the remote ends (with versioning on offcourse). Isn’t that a waste of space? Or am I just miss using synthing then? :wink:


That’s what I already mentioned :wink:

(Alex) #4

It’s probably like this because in the beginning there was nothing like a rename in syncthing, it was a delete on the source dir and a new file on the target dir. For versioning it looks like syncthing still handles it like this.

This could probably be fixed by replacing archive here by something that moves the existing versions to the corresponding target in the version folder.

(Jakob Borg) #5

The file, under the name you knew it, is gone. An identical copy may exist somewhere else, but that’s slightly beside the point - especially as that copy may be modified in the near future, and you may not have been the one doing the rename to start with.

Or, shorter, meh. It could go either way, and this is one way to do it.