Why does one system say "Danger!" whereas others just have warnings

This is closely connected to my other thread about limiting access to the LAN but I think it warrants a new thread.

On the LAN where I’m working at the moment there are two systems running Syncthing. One is my laptop and I get just a warning there:-

2018-08-25 14:49:30: Insecure admin access is enabled.

But on the other system I get a ‘danger’ message:-

The Syncthing admin interface is configured to allow remote access without a password. **This can easily give hackers access to read and change any files on your computer.** Please set a GUI Authentication User and Password in the Settings dialog.

Why the difference? Both systems are on a LAN behind a NAT router so I don’t think they’re vulnerable really. I’ve looked at the settings for both systems and I can see little difference. How can I get rid of that “Danger” message?

Oops, I found the difference! I need to tick the ‘Insecure Access’ option in the Advanced settings. So at least both my systems act the same now!

Sorry for the noise.

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