Why am I seeing 3TB of data transfer on my relay?

I setup a relay server / discovery server in AWS on a single EC2 instance. I’m running the server in private mode (i.e. pools="" ). I thought that if I connected site A and site B to this discovery and relay server the 2 locations should connect and transfers happen primarily direct. However, it looks like I incurred a hefty $300 expense for data transfer for 3TB of data that went through the relay.

What do I need to check to make sure I’m setup correctly (Since I’m guessing I’m not) to make sure the transfers happen directly?

One of the devices should be available on the internet, as in not behind a NAT/firewall or opening ports to the internet using UPnP or NAT-PNP

Also note that AWS is rarely the cheapest option for a small number of always-on servers: their value comes from if you need to spin machines up and down quickly.

4TB will only cost you $40/mo on Linode, $20/mo on DigitalOceant, $11/mo on SolVPS, similar amounts on others (I’m not affiliated with any of these).

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Thanks. This is really helpful. I only used AWS because its what I’ve used before. I’ll check out the others you mentioned today.

Since above some providers were mentioned for relays, I’d also point out to Hetzner (in Germany and Finland): their smallest “cloud-server” for €3/month includes 20TB of traffic. Might be interesting for someone wanting to run their own relay.

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