Why am I getting hundreds of conflicts when I have not changed anything?

I have syncything portable installed on windows. It has some company files, and several members of the company use it, mostly mac users. I have never looked in the synced files, and have never updated any file, put any of my own files in there or even opened the synced directory. Yet I get hundreds of irreconcilable conflicts.

  1. Why do I get conflicts when I have not changed anything?
  2. How do I get rid of them?

Looking at a conflict in “resolve conflicts”, it says something like:

Original file:
   Development Update 28.md
Conflicting File Name
  Development Update 28.sync-conflict-xxxxxxx.md

I have no way of knowing what to do with this - neither file belongs to me, and nether file was changed (or even looked at) by me.

Some of these have many entries under “conflicting file name”

Check how the files are different

They are just changed files. E.g. for the .md file conflicts, one file might say “AAA” and the other file might say “ABA”. I have not edited either, nor caused this conflict, nor have any way of knowing which of the two files is correct. Even if I did, there are hundreds of these, if not thousands (its finding more all the time). Some of the conflicting files are binary (e.g. there are a lot of “.DS_Store” file conflicts. This is a Mac file, and I don’t have a mac.

The only real solution I can see is to uninstall sync thing, remove every trace of it, then try to sync again from scratch. I would not want to put any of mile files into syncthing due to these conflicts making it unusable. instead keep my files in onedrive. The problem is it takes days to sync the files, and most of my CPU and bandwidth. I dont want to have to do this on a weekly basis.

Is there some web interface, so that I can still access the files in a read only fashion, without having to sync them locally?

I dont know if its relevant, but I also see thousands of errors in the syncting console, e.g.

[SDOMM] 20:13:41 INFO: Puller (folder "xxx" (vvvv), file "Library\\Caches\\Metadata\\Safari\\History\\https:%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch?v=0AusV-z5m5o.webhistory"): need: filename is invalid
[SDOMM] 20:13:41 INFO: Puller (folder "xxx" (vvvv), file "Library\\Caches\\Metadata\\Safari\\History\\https:%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch?v=0BNWkDSB_qg.webhistory"): need: filename is invalid
[SDOMM] 20:13:41 INFO: Puller (folder "xxx" (vvvv), file "Library\\Caches\\Metadata\\Safari\\History\\https:%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch?v=0Bzwayom_iA&feature=youtu.be.webhistory"): need: filename is invalid

Some of the companies folders, I have never managed to sync. It always says “out of sync” for no apparent reason, or "syncing (0% of 50GiB)

You need to figure your stuff out, you hve mac files, safare history and other stuff, and you have no idea where it’s coming from. Figure this out and then figure out what makes the changes.

Syncthing doesn’t modify files itself, just relays the changes that someone else made

If I understand you correctly, these syncthing shares are from your company and other employees sync the same ones. So the conflicts are created by other users and not you.

Syncthing also syncs conflicts, so that they can be “resolved” on any of the devices.

There is nothing you or we can do about it, other than you checking with your co-workers how they can reduce the creation of conflicts.

One thing you can do is to ignore all the mac stuff you don’t need (.DS_Store and the like). Other than that, as @wweich said all you could do is tell your coworkers about the conflicts and hope they will clean up (besides radical stuff like restructuring folders - if you don’t ever need their data it would make sense to have separate folders).

Whoever is syncing caches etc should stop doing that. If people at the company are sharing files that are constantly changing they will probably conflict a bit. It seems to me they are sharing program files that they shouldn’t.

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