Who's building syncthing, out there?

I’d like to hear from people who are building and distributing syncthing but not using the included build.sh - what are you doing, and why doesn’t the “standard” build work for you? Can we make it work out of the box? I’m asking because I notice in http://data.syncthing.net/ that there are a bunch of instances reporting themselves as “0.8.15” instead of “v0.8.15” as the standard build does.

YtvwlD uses gcc-go for Launchpad builds

Right, yeah, I never could figure out why gccgo was involved…

At least it can build a go project as a git submodule (with tons of exports, but still). Unfortunately, the cross compile seems really complicated.

Well, you could have mentioned me.

Yes, I’m using gccgo. I don’t really know why. It works (golang-go doesn’t for some secret reason, it doesn’t tell me).

But: This is no explanation for your results. My PPA is still on 0.8.13. Because of the anonymous usage reporting. Next week I’m trying to build 0.8.14 - without anonymous usage reporting and update mechanism.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t agree with the data being collected. But I don’t want to mess with the data. My build currently reports itself as version unknown. I’m going to address this issue - sometime.

If all that’s stopping you is that you can’t get the variables set right with gccgo, feel free to just edit the default values in main.go. I think that’s better than going with an older build, especially as I’ll release 0.8.16 tomorrow.

I’d recommend trying to build with regular go. Go out of the box from golang.org and build.sh should work perfectly.

But yeah, not you skewing the reported results then. Still curious about who is doing the custom magic build. :slight_smile: