White-listed wifi bug


Here is a requested log file for issue #1466. But I think, the change of configuration haven’t included into log. (I’ve restarted the app by our menu item “Restart”.)

syncting-log.txt (13.8 KB)

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Hmm, SyncthingNative appears in the log so it should be running on your whitelisted wifi…

As I remarked on the issue on GitHub, according to your screenshots I believe that your location services are disabled (2nd screenshot). Unfortunately Android nowadays requires location to be turned on in order to be able to read SSID.

I don’t like/want keep the location service turned on always. :frowning_face:

That bug won’t fixable by Syncting code?

Unfortunately, I am not aware of any solution to this, since it’s an intentional Android limitation. There may be some hacks, but I have not researched them.

It would help if you could confirm that turning on location services resolves this. Because in this case we at least know the cause for sure.

Ok, I will try tomorrow.

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Yes, it works, when I torn on the GPS. But it’s not the best mode. :disappointed_relieved:

Hi, unfortunately that’s Google’s requirement and not Syncthing’s.