Which zip file to install for windows 11 - with amd prosessor?

I would like to install the latest version of Syncthing on my Windows PC but I don’t know which file to choose. My PC: Windows 11 with AMD processor. So which file should I choose? On the github page (Release v1.27.6 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub) there are 4 different ‘Windows versions’. So should it be “syncthing-windows-amd64-v1.27.6.zip”? Is that correct?

Yes, that’s the one. The “amd64” in the name is about the CPU architecture, not just the specific manufacturer. In general, the download page at https://syncthing.net/downloads uses more user-friendly names for the files.

@tomasz86 : thank you for reply and the link. :+1: Now I can install it.

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