Which Synology works with Synthing

Hi, Which Synology (>= 1 GB RAM and >= 2 Harddisk Bays) has anyone of you been able to get Syncthing running with. My DS715 does not work for Syncthing and I will be buying a new Synology NAS. Thanks for the support.

There’s no SyncThing build for QoriQ architecture (e.g. DS413).

@poescp Hopefully someone comes along and can specifically identify a Synology model that meets your hardware specs and works with Syncthing.

I’ve mentioned the SynoCommunity builds before … here is a page that lists numerous supported CPU architectures:


See if you can locate Diaoul in their forums. Diaoul creates these builds and might be able to assist you with your compatibility questions.

Failing all of the above, buy your next Syno device from a vendor with a no questions asked return policy. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the link. The only ones that could apply would be following. Anybody have experience with these modesl using synthing (synopackages builds)?

DS216play DS215+ DS216+ DS716+ DS216 DS713+ DS214+ DS214play

Runs on my DS414j just fine.