Which node introduced a file?

I am building some Syncthing cluster with other people. Often I come to the situation “hey, it is downloading, nice. Who did this?” It seems to be rather difficult to determine which node was the first that uploaded a file into the cluster, since the blocks spread along all online nodes. Is it possible to find out who introduced a file into the cluster?

Sadly no, and it doesn’t make much sense. For example if a file is deleted and restored/replaced, who introduced it?

Well, kinda sorta… If you compare the version vectors of the new file compared to the old version (if any), you get the set of devices who touched it since.

But that is only available at the point you are about to sync it, not after the fact, correct?

Sort of, yes. :slight_smile: It’s available up to the point where we do the “commit” (or will be at least, in the new puller) so we could include both versions in the ItemFinished event. After that the old version vector is surely forgotten, yes.

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