Which forum software is used here at Syncthing?

I know, it’s not about Syncthing itself, but I’m just really curious which software is used for this forum. I’ve seen the same layout and features at several places, but nobody seems to know which software or service it is.

Can anybody enlighten me?



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Thanks @Audrius for your fast reply. Next time I’ll stay on topic again :wink:

Since the topic of the software comes up… I have a question/request

I recently signed up here, but it took some doing: I initially tried to sign up using my work e-mail address, which is a little long (looks like xxxx@yyy.zzz.ttt.sss). I got the usual message “wait for an e-mail to activate the account blah blah…”.

After several hours waiting for the e-mail, I tried to log in with my new (presumably still inactive) username and most certainly, I got a popup saying that my user was still not active and I needed to activate the acccount by clicking the link in the activation e-mail I should have received, or request to be sent another one. I requested another one, and, since the system tells you the e-mail address it is sending the message to, I had a chance to re-check that it was indeed my address, I had not screwed up typing it. Still no e-mail, though. To make a long story short, after four or five attempts and two days gone by I tried to sign up with a gmail account and bingo, received the activation e-mail within a minute.

It would seem there is a problem with sending these activation e-mails to “long” (more than one or two dots) e-mail addresses, but I don’t know exactly why. In my case it doesn’t matter anymore, but it could be useful to check it out so that this doesn’t happen again to anybody.


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We use mailgun.org for outgoing mail. I noticed when looking into it now that there was a misconfiguration that would result in some email providers not accepting the mails. I’ve fixed that now, which should improve the deliverability a bit, I hope.