Where to find "ignore deletes"

I was really happy reading this good suggesting of using

“ignore deletes” option on the destination

from “Syncthing Maintainer” Jakob Borg Link to the old post But now I’m a little bit afraid that this option “ignore deletes” is not an option any-more in Syncthing? Anyhow - I can’t find it

It’s an option, it’s just hidden, as it willingly irreversibly makes the state between devices invalid, so it no longer makes sense. Even if you disable the option, the state would never converge unless you resort to extremes of deleting the database etc.

You should explain what you are trying to do and why you think you need to enable that option.

Android (send-only) to one PC-device (receive-only) (its a quick, but small location) My computer “autobatches” daily some of the oldest files to a new HHD (Big but slow) Then i do not want the files from the android to sync to the pc again

I don’t think they would, unless you went pressing override changes buttons.

But to be honest, your workflow is sync from a to b, no questions asked, and Syncthing is bidirectional, so you seem to be trying to force tool to do something its not designed for.

Normally I would agree with you but really he isn’t keeping the PC in unidirectional sync either…

Thomas needs to be able to track which files have already been sent and AFAIK none of the unidirectional tools on Android could do this.

@Thomas, ignoredeletes is a very unpopular solution with the development team, are you sure you need to use it with the current setup?

I know Audrius position for this solution - Jakob Borg might be a little less strict :wink: But as you and Audrius are saying - my setup might do not keep on syncing - I will give a feedback in the morning

THanks for your reply

It seems that you are both absolutely right. So I took the worries a little bit in advance. Sorry

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