Where is the log of files synced?

I am using Synctrayzor. I want to see the files there were synced and to which devices.

If you single-click the tray icon you get a list of recently downloaded files. This is also logged to a CSV file in C:\Users\<You>\AppData\Roaming\SyncTrayzor\logs.

Syncthing doesn’t record what files were sent to other devices: this concept doesn’t really make sense in a distributed peer-to-peer setup where a device can be fetching a file from many other devices at the same time.

Thanks for the clarification. I use Dropbox and hence I thought I could see the list of files that were synced recently. Also, such a feature would make me sure that the files that I was expected to be synced are actually synced. But I suppose, seeing the status “Up to Date” is good enough.

Edit: Also, since you are a developer of Synctrayzor, I have some suggestion for you. I used Synctrazor for a day and sometimes when I maximize it from the tray, I only see white space. Minimizing and maximizing or waiting for few seconds will show the content. Not sure if you ever faced that issue.

It’s having to load an entire (cut-down) web browser, then load a web page. It is annoying that it’s a bit slow, but I don’t think it’s avoidable: and loading Firefox or Chrome to view the Syncthing UI would take as long or longer.

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