where is .stversions on windows system?

Hello, I can’t find .stversions on windows system.

Hey gdtv The .stversions folder is hidden on windows. To view hidden folders you should hold the “Windows key + R key” and enter in the text box "control.exe folders" and click OK. Go to view tab and click "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" Click OK and now go check your syncthing directory again for the .stversions folder

Thanks for your reply. I have do this, I can see the “.htaccess” file in PHP project folder, it’s a hidden file too. But I still can’t see the .stversions in the root path of syncthing directory. I have try to search “.stversions” in the hold Hard disk, but still can’t find it. I’m using Windows8.1

I can see two file: .stfolder .stignore but no .stversions

The .stversions folder only exists if you have enabled file versioning in the Syncthing folder. It is only created once files are deleted on the other device. Example: setup versioning on computer A and computer B. If you delete a file on computer B the .stversions folder is created on computer A and the deleted/changed file is put into it

You are right, thank you.

I enabled staggered versioning and I see the .stversions folders on both Linux and Windows but no files are being created. Initially I tried to use my own folders but they were empty as well and a FILE named .stfolder was created so I tried the default settings. Anyone getting versioning in to work. I wanted to maintain a year’s worth of staggered keepass2 database files but so far no luck.

Staggered versioning is based on time intervals and I used the defaults but no files are created.