Where does the Relay server info go in config

I used to be able to add a relay server in my config file with the following line. I see in the syncthing docs here: Relaying Docs That it says this can be done in the UI, but I dont see any field in the UI to add this information. Am I missing something? Also, when I add a private relay in the config file I’m not seeing anything in the logs showing that its using this relay… Its been a long time since I’ve played with Syncthing (about 2 years). Can someone help me understand if something has changed in what I need to do to make a custom relay work?

My relay line for config file relay://MyRelayIPAddressHere:22067/?id=MyRelayIDIsHere

From what I see in the docs, I guess this info can just be added to the Listen Addresses. I guess I thought that was only for Discovery servers for some reason. Might be nice to make this more clear in the UI that it serves both. Also, its not very clear in the UI how these should be separated. I’m guessing by comma…

It’s not very clear, no. What you want, in Actions -> Settings -> Connections -> Sync Protocol Listen Address is

default, relay://MyRelayIPAddressHere:22067/?id=MyRelayIDIsHere

where “default” magically includes the usual listen port and relay stuff.

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