Where do I configure the intervall of syncing? How to enable push?

Hi guys,

I’ve just finished installing Syncthing using brew on OS X Yosemite (10.10.2). Syncthing is configured to synchronise two machines (both MACs).

I did some testing like copying files in the default folder (which is shared with both machines). Next, I watched the web interface but the sync didn’t started. I had to manually check the folder that the transfer was initiated. My question to you:

  • Is there an automatic way to scan for changes on a predefined intervall? I didn’t find anything in the settings.
  • Is push sync possible, i.e. once a change (new file, update, delete) has been done on a folder, the sync is initiated?

Thanks for your help, Sven

  • Syncthing will, by default, scan each folder once a minute. This is configurable in the GUI: it’s the ‘Rescan Interval’ parameter in each folder’s settings.
  • There are add-ons which add filesystem watchers to Syncthing: syncthing-notify is one of them. Do bear in mind that macs have fairly poor support for filesystem watching, and that large folders will probably hit problems.


I didn’t notice the setting on folder level, I was just looking globally. I think, I’ll follow your advice not to use syncthing-notify.

Thanks again for the fast response, wow!

Feel free to give it a shot - I’m sure it works fine on macs for the majority of cases. I’m just managing your expectations for if it does hit problems :smile: