Where can we find more information about Heartbeat?

I’ve noticed that the date has been removed from the information page, and I understand that there might be some delays with this, but is there anywhere I can go to find out more information?

I’ve also tried to find this mailing list, and haven’t been successful yet.

Hi Rodney,

Ind.ie just started its crowdfunding campaign and we’re opening Heartbeat and Waystone up to a private pre-alpha at the end of the campaign, on Human Rights Day, December 10, 2014. More details on the crowdfunding page video (https://ind.ie) and on the Heartbeat page (https://ind.ie/heartbeat).

I’m sure Jakob would appreciate it if we could keep this forum to Syncthing/Pulse-related issues. Feel free to ping me directly at aral@ind.ie for questions on Heartbeat, etc. :slight_smile:

Cool, and how do we sign up to the mailing list?

Also, I know that you’re doing a limited test, but what about the people who are unemployed and currently studying on government benefits who can’t afford the full $100?

I would gladly donate a smaller amount if I could still participate, but it’s a little difficult when I have to factor it into such a small budget.