Where can I add a "user contribution" to the documentation?

I started to use Syncthing after years of various other solutions, and I can finally settle on one that works correctly :slight_smile:

The learning curve is quite steep, especially regarding networking and the proper way to set it up and check that it is set up correctly.

I am not there yet but I would be glad to share my experience (from the perspective of someone that does IT for 30+ years (but not specialized in networking) and self-hosts for 10 or so). What is the best place to share this? (some kind of Wiki with user contributions?)

The best thing you could do is write/update documentation (well in my biased opinion at least :slight_smile: ): Just go to whatever page you want to improve on https://docs.syncthing.net and there’s an edit-on-github button at the bottom. If you want to describe your use-case and setup, there’s the user stories category here on the forum: User Stories - Syncthing Community Forum

Cool, perfect. When I have all of this well rounded up, I would ideally go though a log and explain each line with references. The idea is for someone to be able to understand that their setup behaves normally, and what could be improved (with pointers).

I also noticed that some of the documentation seems to be a little bit different from the actual messages (the NAT part, notably). I need to triple-check that with the code first, to make sure that I do not have a different case.

I will make a PR, that part is less of a problem :slight_smile:

I will do that too.

Thanks for this wonderful product.