Where are settings stored and how to restore

So I installed Syncthing on my QNAP a few months ago. Syncthing and TS-231 IIRC I got it from qnapclub repo and it seemed all good for all this while. Yesterday I had to restart my NAS and surprisingly I have lost the folder that was being synced as well as the remote devices, which at the moment were 1 each. But I was planning to add other devices and thought I would restart the system before I add… So anyone with a QNAP know where I should dig the settings for, assuming it persisted somewhere? and within the Syncthing, is there a import setting option, or would it be find the old setting file/folder and copy it to new location(which I dont know where it would be either)

Bump. Hopefully I can restore my old settings and dont have to start from scratch

You need to find Syncthing’s home/config directory, where the config.xml has the config and cert.pem & key.pem are the device identity. By default that’s in ~/.config/Syncthing respectively whatever is the particular system’s default place for config. And I have noclue what that is for QNAP. If you used defaults, syncthing --paths will tell you where that is. However given the config is “gone” and these NASes rarely ever do something standard, that’s probably not where it is.