Where are my files being saved in Android?

Hi, I’m trying to transfer a folder from my PC to Android but the app doesn’t seem to indicate where these files are being saved (or provide an option to specify the save location). What is the default save directory for PC => Android syncs? Thanks.

Click edit on the folder and check.

It only shows the directory on my PC, not Android. I’m not syncing anything from Android.

Within the Android app, you can customize the location when you create a new folder.

And, +1 to Audrius’ comment - click on the folder, and under “Directory” the path to the folder is displayed.

And to your 2nd comment, the Android app is where you configure ST on your Android device. ST on your PC is where you configure the PC side of your mesh. If you want to sync your PC and your Android device, you need to install ST on both devices.

Oh, I see now. There was some upload activity when I set up the folder on my PC so I thought it was already going to an unspecified location on my device. I didn’t realise I had to create a folder on my phone too. Thanks.