When renaming a large file, does the file have to be re-transferred?

Hi There,

I use Syncthing to keep two media servers in sync. Thus, there are a lot of large media files. I see that I have incorrectly named a few files. If I modify them, will syncthing need to re-transfer the whole file?

If it will transfer the whole file, what if I SSH into both boxes and change file names to the same new name at the same time? Would that avoid the large re-transfer?


No, renaming within the same syncthing folder should not retrasnfer data.

Cool! Dumb question: how does it know not to re-transfer the whole file?

You can read the protocol documentation which should help you understand that. If after reading the docs it’s still not obvious, ask.

It sees that the block hashes are the same for the old and new file. I don’t think the protocol spec is recommended reading for new users, however the FAQ does cover this topic and is recommended reading. :wink:

Barely related, but I’m finding permission changes don’t get updated at all(?) or in a timely fashion.

That doesn’t seem very related, indeed. There’s a checkbox to ignore permission changes; verify you didn’t set this by mistake?

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