Whatsapp folder out of sync problem, pls. help!

Dear all,

Currently I have 6 devices in sync, including the Win10 PC, and 5 Android devices.

There are also 5 folders, 4 of them in sync, except the Whatsapp folder as shown below:

Checking the command folder of Syncthing.exe: Syncthing.exe_command folder_2022.0331_small

There a bunch of errors about the whatsapp folder, most of them are:

[7AD72] 10:35:46 INFO: Puller (folder "WhatsApp_miNote10" (xxxx-xxxx), item "WhatsApp\\Media\\WhatsApp Documents\\Sent\\DOC-20190806-WA0023."): syncing: name is invalid, must not end in space or period on Windows

– one of the error message which says that the file “DOC-20190806-WA0023.” cannot be ended in space or period on Windows – another problematic folder name is “DOC-20210508-WA0000.” – many other errors are similar, all are saying that file names cannot be ended in space or period on Windows

but, for both the Win10 PC and Android Device (MiNote10), I have checked the “send” folder that there is no such file “DOC-20190806-WA0023.”

so what’s wrong? and how to solve the problem and make the whatsapp folder in sync?

Thanks for any kinds of help!

The file won’t be there on the Windows machine, but it should be on the Android device. What did you use to check its presence? If it was the default file manager, then you may want to try using something else (e.g. Material Files from F-Droid or just ls "/sdcard/WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Documents/Sent" from ADB or a terminal emulator).

Syncthing doesn’t allow syncing files that end with a dot to Windows devices anyway, so the only solution to get rid of the problem is to add *. to your ignore patterns in Syncthing. I think doing so on the Windows device should be enough.

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