What's new in v1.27.9 ?

No digest on github, no announce here… strange.

Lazy maintainer release. No issues were closed, so release notes are empty. There was one gui change, iirc.

Good to know as I was also wondering a little bit about the absence of release notes. However, I also assumed there simply hasn’t changed much. To verify that I actually checked via git log … and the GUI change was really the only thing that seemed worth mentioning (which I did when updating the TW package so the submission wouldn’t be rejected due to absence of change logs as people might nitpick on that).

Is there going to be a macOS bundle release of 1.27.9 at all?

Not sure whether the maintainer of the macOS bundle will read your message here.

Also unclear that it matters, as there are no significant changes and Syncthing itself will auto update?