What option do I have to keep synced history?

Hi all,

suppose I have a source and target folder, I’d like to do this:

  1. Sync new items in source to target
  2. Sync deleted items in source to target
  3. Do not sync deleted items in target to source: deleted from target make no changes to source
  4. However, do not sync deleted items in target from source again (keep a history of what have been synced)

Steps 1-3 we can do with send only from source and receive only in target.

Step 4, however, I don’t know an easy way to do - apart from using rsync like:

  1. sync them the 1st time
  2. create list of current files from source, say last_synced.log with find
  3. saved the list of file

The second time onwards

  1. sync the folders using rsync's --exclude-from=last_synced.log
  2. repeat steps 2-3

My use case is syncing Mac’s Photos's originals files to my home server. This is because deleting photos on disk won’t reflect on Mac Photos.


Syncthing does not support a use case like this. Seems like you are after something like rsync on a schedule.