What is this folder ".dbus-keyrings"?

Have in the User folder a (.dbus-keyrings) folder that shows up again and again after deletion. If this folder generated by Syncthing?

It probably comes from Gnome. Are you storing your home directory in Syncthing?

I have a Windows computer. No, actually, are just a few folders from the Home Folder in Syncthing synchronously.

got the same folder (win7)… could be some session keys for encryption? :flushed:

And you are only using Windows? Are you using any Linux software on Windows? Any cygwin stuff?

A month ago I switched from Ubuntu on Win7, left is a system reserved folder “F” . Otherwise I have no Linux software, as far as I can tell.

It might just be a legacy which you didn’t see, as it’s definately a linux thing, and syncthing has no relations to dbus.

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Try searching for that file, or unhiding hidden files.

Inside this folder is just this file “org_gtk_gdbus_general” it is hiden

https://www.google.se/search?q=dbus-keyrings ?

I meant searching on his pc! :anguished:

No, I was being rude and implying that actually googling for it might answer the question. Which maybe it does, but in an unusually obtuse way… It’s not a Syncthing thing anyhow. :wink:

After I deleted the folder and restarted the machine, the folder was back. Perhaps the folder belongs to Syncthing GTK, he indeed contains a file which has GTK behalf. I have Syncthing GTK in the autostart.

i deleted the folder and restarted Syncthing GTK and Yes the folder ist generated by Syncthing GTK for whatever reasons

It juses GTK, which most likely tries to use DBus.