what is the "best" version?


I don’t quite understand how syncthing determines which version of a file is the “best”.

Could someone please explain that to me?

And does it in any way depend on synchronized clocks?

What I want is to sync a desktop, a laptop and a phone via an OpenWrt-router.

Most of the time the router is connected to the internet and receives it’s time via ntp, but sometimes it’s not, resulting in a random time on the device.

Is that a problem for the syncthing algorithm?

Many thanks!

Syncthing doesn’t care about the clock time. It cares about the order changes are detected and announced to the cluster. Generally speaking, the last changed one is the best.

So who does the detection when 3 nodes are involved?

How is “order” determined when clock time does not matter?

Where is the algorithm documented?

What happens if there are conflicts?

I don’t expect you to spell it all out of me, a pointer to the documentations is good enough for me.

I simply would like to understand how things work before I come to rely on them…

you can check https://docs.syncthing.net/ for more info