What is "metadata/release.sig"?


I’m currently planning a new MSI package with advanced switches like “relay, global discovery on/off”, “auto update on/off” and wonder wheter the “metadata/release.sig” file is mandatory and required or if it doesn’t need to be bundled. I searched on the forum and didn’t find any topic containing this filename. I saw some community packages in the past flying by where a file with similar content “syncthing.exe.sig” lay nearby the “syncthing.exe” and interpreted it like mandatory.

I hope you can easily answer my question :slight_smile: . Btw is this something upgrade or security related?

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It’s the release signature, verified by the auto upgrade mechanism.

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Ok, I’ve made an experiment and took syncthing.exe (v1.4.2-release) and put it alone to a test directory. Turned upgrade on in the settings menu and the update to v1.5.0-rc.2 appeared. After restarting via web UI, the update was successfully applied and the version read v1.5.0-rc.2 . So I do not need this release.sig to be in place?

Btw.: I made another observation. If I repeat my test, start fresh off and set the config option “autoUpgradeIntervalH” from “12” to “0” through the Web UI, the UI tells me Syncthing requires a restart. I click “restart” and then the value is reverted to “12”. If I enter “1” instead, it is correctly saved and persisted across Syncthing restarts.

It needs to be in place in the package for the auto upgrade to accept that package.

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Thanks for the info. That’s the reason why it is in the zip file but not required on disk.

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