What is "Local Additions"?

I just set up Syncthing on a new Android and am seeing something I haven’t seen before. Next to each folder is “Local Additions”. I have the folders on my phone set to Send Only and the folders on my machine are Receive Only. I only want unidirectional data transfer from my phone to my PC. I do not want any changes made on my PC (deletes, for example) to propagate back to my phone. I clicked Revert Changes once just to see what would happen and it made the folder on my phone match its counterpart on my PC. I do not want this enabled. I don’t even want the option to accidentally click that button. I don’t want any weird messages that I don’t understand. I just want it to work the way it did before where I knew exactly what was happening at all times.

So how do I configure my folder so that it never says “Local Additions” and instead just says what it used to say which was something like “Synced” or “Up to date”?

Local additions shows up when you’ve made changes on a receive only folder. If you make changes on the receive folder, syncthing properly shows that folder as not synced and not up to date. Syncthing cannot control permissions on your system. It cannot prevent you from changing files on your local machine. If you don’t add, delete, or edit any files on the receive only sodeC you won’t see “local additions”

Basically syncthing is warning you that there were local changes made that didn’t come from the remote device. If you want those two devices to match always, don’t edit any files on the receive only folder and you won’t see local additions again.

If you didn’t make any changes and still see local additions it’s possible there’s some small time stamp differences between the systems which will need some diagnosis to fix but first is to understand why you’re seeing what you’re seeing.

This must be a new “feature” or something because it always just said “Up to date” until now. Why would I want to track changes on a receive-only folder? The whole point is that I don’t want to sync changes back to the source. In my case, I sync all my files from my phone to a landing folder on my PC. These files ultimately get moved/organized to other folders. Naturally, I don’t want to sync these deletions back to my phone. I don’t even want a button for that. Why this change in behavior? It didn’t use to work this way. I want Syncthing to work the way it used to work.

Please post screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI from both sides with the folder information unfolded. There have been no recent changes in Syncthing regarding folder types, etc. In fact, if your folders are set to Send Only, you should never see Local Additions in them, as Local Additions are specific to Receive Only folders.

PC: image


Syncthing is detecting you made changes in a receive only folder. It’s offering to make that folder look like the source.

Nothing changed with syncthing. What likely changed is some other user or program is editing the files.

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Where it says locally changed items, click where it says 55 items. This will show you the files that are no longer matching the 55 files on the android device. Maybe that can help you figure out what user or process is changing those files.

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