what is local additions and revert local changes mean?

what does “revert local changes” means ? i clicked it and all data in my sync folder all gone… just like that… what the heck is that suppose to mean ?

and what “local additions” means ?
why this is local addition when i meant it to sync between android and manjaro laptop ? why :“revert local changes” delete all the file that has nothing to do with DCIM folder , instead my whole Andrew_datas_Sync folder being wiped up ?

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Well, the button is big and red on purpose because it is supposed to delete data :slight_smile:.

This is a feature of a receive-only folder. Receive-only folders do not send any local changes to remote peers, but only receive changes from others. However, the folder still recognizes local changes. The big red “revert local changes” reverts any changes made locally, overriding your data set with the data present on remote peers.

In your screenshot you have 137 items (changed files, new files etc) which are only present on this machine, but not remotely. Since this is a receive-only folder, syncthing does not sync these changes. Pressing revert local changes will reset those 137 items to the state advertised by remote devices. This can cause deletions or reversions to old file versions - this depends on what the remote devices have.

“Local Additons” simply means that this receive-only folders has items present which were added locally, thus not synced to remote machines.


hii, you simple yet clear msg explained most of what i needed to know. now i know… the problem with it was, i have this dcim nested inside another sync folder to the same machine,(luckily i have “paused” this bidirectional sync folder), else when dcim deletes (becuase i have pressed “revert local changes”) all the files in this folder; effectively it deletes all datas in this laptop and on my handphone as well!! LUCKILY I PAUSED THE FOLDER BEFORE THIS INCIDENT HAPPENED! VEry dangerous button to be without warning and explanation. this “revert local changes” button simple take a whole folder for granted as its’ own folder… even when it is just a part of the other sync folder (due to nested). very dangerous button to be without explanation.

i however did not understand clear enough what does this mean. do you mean “local additions” that (receive-only) this folder has got things changed (be it added or deleted or renamed) , which not equal to the remote machine ? if nothing in the local folder is changed, then it won’t indicates “local additions” ?

i must say, this syncthing is not fool proof software… not user friendly enough… i came from windows os a lot of button was programed in such a way that it will explain to user what is the function of this button. so a beginner who have not read the whole manual won’t blunder into wipe every data off… but i can’t complain much, because it is a free ware…

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