what is it doing right now? everything is up to date but its still syncing

what is it doing right now? everything is up to date but its still syncing something.

when i click on the 558 elements (2,27GB) it opens some list of files. but i cannot see what syncthing is actual doing or transfering.
usually there where colors that showed the progress percentage, werent there?

You’re looking at the wrong side. The local device (Raspi4) is apparently up to date, but DS918plus is not.

For a detailed overview of the sync status of DS918plus you must open its GUI, where it will show you progress reports. A device cannot show partial file progress for a remote, as it simply doesn’t have this information.

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thanx for the quick responce!

my Raspi 4 is only a receiving side. if its up to date, what is there still to sync ?


If it thinks it’s up to date, but doesn’t have all the files, you’ve hit a somewhat rare and to me still unreproducible bug, unfortunately. Try restarting the receiving side. If that doesn’t change anything, remove the folder from the GUI, restart Syncthing, re-add it again. It’ll rescan the files that are in place and won’t transfer them again, hopefully it will get in sync. If that side is configured as receive only you’ll get a big red “Revert” button after it scanned the re-added; that’s fine, press it to make things equal to the sending side…

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i restarted both sides… its closer to be in sync now.

i found some folders that could not be deleteted because there where files in it that started with a tilde, that was ignored so i could not be deleted by syncthing.

now i have a file that cannot be synced that comes from a device that i do not know??? “7GCKOOL” very strange

i solved some issues. what i still have right now is some kind of strange…

Receiving side (RASPI) looks like this:

Sending Side still has something to sync somehow:

When i click on those 54.568 elements they are all the same size? what should i do?

Do you have ignoreDelete enabled by any chance?

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i dont even know where to activate “ignoreDelete” :wink:

all is upToDate now. (i did remove and reAdd one folder)

but still receiver side has something, what should i do?

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