What is "Cleanup Interval" in the trash can file versioning options?

It’s an option when you add a new folder and choose trash can file versioning. I haven’t seen it before, and the text below the field says

The interval, in seconds, for running cleanup in the versions directory. Zero to disable periodic cleaning.

…but I don’t quite understand it. Can someone give an ELI5?

The default setting, i.e.

means that Syncthing will check every 3600s (=1h) whether there are files to be deleted from the .stversions folder.

However, this will only delete actual files if you set a specific number of days, as follows.

The default value of 0 means that files will be kept in .stversions with no time limit. A value of 1 would mean that Syncthing will delete files older than 1 day, and so on.


The purpose of this setting is mostly for setting a very large interval when you have folders that are always idle, in order to let disks spin down. (In cases where disks spin.)

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