What I'm working on...

Here’s an FYI on what what’s going on from my side, now that I’m back from vacation (which was awesome by the way, except for a frustrating couple of days around the outages).

I’ll be hacking some integrations around the review system as I want to be able to say things in pull requests like @st-review: review this please and have a bot set up a new review correctly in https://reviews.syncthing.net/, create users as appropriate and post back the URL to the review.

I’ll also hack up a merge bot for a corresponding @somebot: merge this please command that will do a squash merge on top of current master, handling the common case of a perfectly fine but a bit outdated or messy pull request plus a thing for @somebot: add this author to get a new author automatically added properly in all places.

With that in place I’ll be writing up some updated contribution guidelines, focussing on both a smooth entry for new contributors (with empathy for newbies and skipping all the crap I mentioned above) and some guidance for maintainers in terms of the flow to use to actually accept these contributions in a clean manner.

That’s all “bureaucracy” in that it doesn’t actually result in any new code in Syncthing, but I think it’ll make us a better open source project and that, in the long run, is where the win is. Force multiplier, etc.

I’ll also be taking some actions on the points that surfaced after the outage, on making us less reliance on me and my little boxes.

Then I’ll work on finalizing the new puller and reviewing the outstanding pull requests so we can move towards a 0.13 release.