What happens to my configuration and files if i need to update either the program or my OS?

I usually update my Debian OS every six months to a year. So, I’m wondering if I’ll lose access to my repositories if I do so and what steps could I take to avoid it. Also, when updating the executable, is my configuration and access to repositories lost? I apologize if there’s already a topic regarding this issue, I was unable to find it in a “for dummies” language.

You should keep the configuration directory ~/.config/syncthing. If you don’t, you’ll get a new node ID. Upgrading the executable is always safe.

Thank you, that was simple! I’m also having trouble connecting to other nodes. I’ve disabled my firewalls and my router has UPnP enabled by default. I got it to work, but still haven’t been able to connect: " [GCCF3] 17:39:36 INFO: Starting web GUI on [GCCF3] 17:39:36 INFO: Performing initial repository scan [GCCF3] 17:39:36 INFO: Created UPnP port mapping - external port 13543 [GCCF3] 17:39:36 INFO: Starting local discovery announcements " I use shorewall as my firewall, and I haven’t been able to add an exeption rule for syncthing. I also haven’t been able to connect to other nodes. I have changed certain parameters in my kernel to disallow packet redirections; do I need a particular setup? Thank you for your time

All you need is an open TCP port for the nodes to talk to each other over, as per https://forum.syncthing.net/t/firewalls-and-port-forwards/166. I don’t really get your setup, there’s a router, a shorewall firewall, and some other firewalls you have disabled? Odds are one or more of these are still in the way.