What happens if Syncthing server receives files with same name from different devices

I am planning to have a Syncthing backup server to a HDD connected to my Raspberry Pi. I have two android devices that will sync their camera folders to a single combined directory on the Raspberry Pi.

Now I want to know how will Syncthing manage if it receives a file (say photo1.jpeg) from Device A and another file (same name - photo1.jpg) from Device B.

Will Syncthing store the files as renamed duplicates or will it overwrite the file that was received first with the file that was received second?

It will probably consider them conflicts, unless the photo makes it from one android device to the android other, at which point the device might just overwrite the content, destroying the previous version of the file.

You can probably have versioning enabled to catch that, but in general I suspect you’ll have pain because android is quite a poor platform, and having two devices on a poor platform will probably cause issues.

Ok, then I will probably make two directories, one for each device. By the way, what do you mean by Android being a poor platform. Which device platform can handle this better?

Android is very quirky and has many restrictions. It also uses the FAT filesystem for its internal storage, which is kind of fragile in itself, and in addition to that, it also has problems with fluctuating timestamps.

However, at the same time, there is no viable alternative to it in the mobile world (with proper Syncthing support), so…