What happened to the "Override changes" button?

Why is it gone? I’ve “send only” folder on one machine and “receive only” on two others, but it still not overrides differences on those two machines automagically.

It was not automatic before and it’s not automatic now. Changes made on a receive-only device can be reverted by the “Revert” button on that device.

Thanks for fast reply. I don’t see “Revert” button anywhere. Where it should be?

It’s only there if there are local modifications to files that do not match remote devices.

What if files are not changed, but they were synced before they were ignored on “send only” device?

That will not make them revertable, as they are already part of the global file list, even if one device decided that it doesn’t want to know about them anymore.

If I change one file, will it bring up “Revert” button and I’ll be able to revert all unwanted files or just that one file?

All modified files.

This means just one. So, I need to do it by hand on all “receive only” machines using ignore patterns from “send only” one. Thanks anyway.

Not that it matters, but I felt like saying it: After reading this thread I still completely don’t understand what you actually are trying to do - in general you should put some more detail into that part to get effective help.

On the “send only” machine global and local status are the same, but on both “receive only” (previously “send and receive”) there is more files in local, than in global status. I want local statuses on all machines to be the same as global. If I remember right, this was what “override changes” button was doing.

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