What gives - two devices show totally different sync status

So I’ve got a Synology Diskstation NAS at home with shares. I’ve got a PC at work trying to synchronise the same shares.

The NAS shows “Syncing, 95%, OB” and for the folder, shows “117790 items, ~ 43.0 GiB” out of sync items.

I look on the PC at work, and it shows “global state 489420, ~445 GiB” on global state, and the exact same numbers on local state. And the same “Syncing, 90%, 43.0 GiB”

It’s been like this for about 3 weeks now. Same percentage, same GiB numbers. What is going on?!?! When this app works, I love it. When it goes rogue like this, I want to just pick up the NAS, drag it to work, and run an rsync/copy files between the two!!! Grrrr!!!

PC in office is running 0.14.41, and NAS is running the same build.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

So the more exclamation marks I see in posts, the more inclined I feel just to ignore the thread, as it just feels that it won’t end up being a rational constructive discussion.

There were tons of existing threads around in the forum talking about people having similar problems, which might help you debug your issue.

Some of the reasons this usually happens:

  1. Ignore files that are not the same on both sides.
  2. Some folder is not shared both ways.
  3. Folder IDs don’t actually match.

I suggest you post screenshots from both sides which should help others understand your issue.

Hi there

Sure re images. I’ve had to obfuscate quite a bit, but hopefully there’s enough to see.

This is the PC: https://i.imgur.com/uZFngGp.png And this is the NAS: https://i.imgur.com/yMGWfYY.png

I’m happy to post more settings/images if you let me know which ones you’d like.

In terms of ignore - I don’t think that’s the case, but can’t remember where to check? Same with folders - how can I check this? And IDs - surely they must match otherwise they wouldn’t say “Syncing”?

Thanks in advance

So I don’t see anything abnormal here. It seems 43GB is out of sync, which will replace existing files, so total size will end up being the same. The download rate is 0, but that could mean that the disk station is simply struggling to download, so I’d check the logs, cpu, memory and disk usage on the receiving end.

Hi there

Thank you re nothing abnormal. I’m wondering if the two are communicating correctly with each other - that volume of out of sync has been the same for many many weeks. I don’t really know how to debug that, beyond the console shown on the SyncTrayzor I’ve got on the office PC :frowning: Sorry to ask such simple things

You have to check the things I suggested on the receiving side.

Hey hey

Well, I’m not sure why I’ve not seen the failed items notification for a long time - maybe it knows you’re asking! I’ve just seen this https://i.imgur.com/E5LpOR9.png so I’ll try to work that one out now. Assuming it’s something to do with permissions and the Syncthing service installed on the NAS and folder permissions

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