What exactly does "pause" for a remote device pause?


What exactly does “pause” for a remote device trigger?

In Alice’ GUI I’ve paused Bob. I assumed that this tells both devices to stop talking. But Alice’ log still tells me:

[ALICE] 10:16:03 INFO: TLS handshake (BEP/tcp): read tcp ALICE-IP:22000->BOB-IP:34379: i/o timeout
[ALICE] 10:18:02 INFO: TLS handshake (BEP/tcp): read tcp ALICE-IP:22000->BOB-IP:34388: i/o timeout
[ALICE] 10:20:16 INFO: TLS handshake (BEP/tcp): read tcp ALICE-IP:22000->BOB-IP:34397: i/o timeout
[ALICE] 10:22:28 INFO: TLS handshake (BEP/tcp): read tcp ALICE-IP:22000->BOB-IP:34406: i/o timeout

I’ve read the thread about Nutomics “pause” suggestion which then was realized. In there calmh was commenting at one point:

  1. Not affect connections, i.e. we still connect and attempt to stay connected to other nodes (this includes sending periodic ping messages).
  2. Not affect incoming data, i.e. we don’t try to stop other nodes from sending us index updates

If that is still true, it would explain why Alice and Bob are still talking, although Bob is paused. I’m not sure though if the final solution still allows communications or not (though it does seem so… ^^) I’ve also checked the documentation but could not find a authoritative answer.

It pauses connections. It does not prevent incoming connections from paused devices though, it’ll still go through the handshake before disconnecting them. If there is a problem during the handshake it’ll be logged which I think is what happens to you.

Understood. Thank Young very much!

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