What does it mean the Syncthing icon crossed by an exclamation mark?

Hi all

Starting Syncthing from any browser on Windows sometimes displays tabs with the Syncthing icon crossed by an exclamation mark. What does it mean?


There are four fav-icons which get triggered by different states (at least I think you mean this one:));

In order of how it’s decided (first match counts):

  1. Sync (when at least one folder is syncing)
  2. Notify (when a device is unknown or a folder is stopped/unknown/outofsync/error or some other notification is open or gui offline, no gui password, device/folder pending, …)
  3. Paused (when all used devices are paused except (this) one)
  4. Default (none of the other three states is true)

The exclamation mark would be number 2.

But I have to say that since it’s not inherently clear what triggered the status-icon (clear, as in easily noticeable in the gui), the value of at least the exclamation mark is of a debatable level.