what does introducer means in syncthing

i am using web gui in android… may i know what is “introducer” means ? and do ?

should i enable “local discovery” when i am in LAN ? does it brings more threat ?

should i enable “relaying” ?


Everything is in the docs.

i have read thru “introducer” but can’t really know what is it for. introducer is inheritable … but don’t really know why is it created and in what condition we would want to use it… sorry, i am just not that bright in computer stuff… can you pls explain in layman term… in what condition i need to use the function. explanation with practical example will be good…

your favorable explaination would be appreciated. thx

The explanation in the docs is I think is as layman as it gets. It even gives examples of the sequence of events.

If you have a specific question after reading that ask, but in general, you should not need this, especially if you’re struggling to understand the layman description of what it does.

yes, it is layman enough, but i still can’t understand why need introducer ?

just to let a content of synced folder to be sync with any other machine that it introduced ? this is the part that i don’t understand. why not simply just share and sync to that machine instead of introducer function ? what’s the different if i setup sync to all machine vs sync to 1 machine and introducer to all other machine ?

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