What does "Ignore Permissions" exactly do?

The commit message for https://github.com/calmh/syncthing/commit/8e05208 is:

Send default permissions 0777 on directories when IgnorePerms set

that’s sounds not really like “Ignore Permissions”

What’s happen here exactly? Does new directories added to the index with 0777 ? Result is: on every node the directory will be created with 0777 ?

Now i have a clean test environment, created with my scripts from:

test setup:

  • two linux notes, with “Ignore Permissions” == OFF
  • two windows notes, with “Ignore Permissions” == ON
  • rescan interval is set to 3s
  • every node has fixed IP
  • one repro shared to all

One test:

  1. created a folder “test01” under linux. chmod is 0755 (default)
  2. new folder synced on all nodes
  3. after sync, i change folder “test01” to 0770 on Node A

This change doesn’t synced with the other linux node. Then i make this:

  1. rename “test01” (the 0770 folder) to “test02” on Node A

This results in duplicated folder (test01 and test02) on all nodes. Maybe related to differed permissions?

Next test:

  1. created on windows Node A a new folder “win01”
  2. wait for sync to all nodes (permission under linux: 0755)
  3. rename “win01” folder on windows node to “win02”

sync works fine, no duplicated folders.

Sorry, no more time, for more tests, now…

I moved a post to an existing topic: [v0.8.10] Ignore Permissions

IMHO move this into a FAQ :wink:

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